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if you login as ccadmin, you can see settings in the left hand side menu. You can update the videos there by entering the vimeo vedioID.Please check and confirm that I am going the right direction.

Attract Potential Buyers & Renters with Stunning HD Video

Video is here and it's here to stay... and we're very excited about it! An integral part of any business' marketing strategy, it engages your audience on a whole new level and promotes interaction and usability. It has been proven that videos increase click through rates, conversion rates and the chances of a person purchasing a product. Users are more likely to understand and remember your business or product after watching a video compared to reading or looking at still images.

Whether it's a property walkthrough, a product demonstration, a how-to instructional video or simply a business introduction, MediaPro have the skills, equipment and attitude to produce the best result for your business. Don't get left behind as this media proliferates through the online world. Our videography service can help you broadcast your business, product or service to the world providing a multi-sensory experience for potential customers.

We would love to discuss how we can assist your marketing efforts with expert videos, feel free to contact us to have a chat or arrange a meeting to see what we can do for you.

Why choose us?

  • Expert project planning
  • We listen and understand your business, your audience and your goals for the video
  • Latest digital equipment and highly skilled personnel
  • Cost effective packages
  • Fast turnaround